Below are helpful websites on subjects related to autism spectrum disorder. This list is periodically updated and is not all inclusive. Please e-mail any links for consideration to be added to the list. A more extensive list of helpful websites and resources is available in the book "Exceptionally Good Friends: Building Relationships with Autism". Please check back for additional helpful websites. - this website has information on sensory processing disorder. There is a checklist for spd symptoms. and -Websites of Future Horizon Inc., information on autism spectrum disorders and information on sensory processing disorder. - The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, and other related conditions or disorders. One must join the service and obtain a wrist band for their child to wear. - this website has free resources to print and paste in your Safe Center/sensory center. Resources to help build a school family to promote social skills.
- this website has sensory materials for purchase. - a website for parents to help understand the special eduacation process. - this website has large amount of information about autism including information about therapies. - This Resource Guide is a nationwide database that contains 45,000 resources and provides individuals and families with local resources that service a variety of needs from early intervention to adult care. It is searchable by state or zipcode.
- free resources for teachers of children with autism -ABA lessons and kindergarten skills - check out ,"Ask the Experts." Temple Grandin and other well known experts on autism answer your questions. Very thorough and unbiased review of therapy options for a child with autism. - comprehensive information on autism -  this website supports families in the military that are waging the wars on two fronts - against autism and for our country. - free, printable visual aides to make schedules and choice boards. - resources to address bullying. - aba lessons, thematic lessons and social stories. - sensory integration to enhance learning in the class and at home. - resources for parents, therapist and teachers for children on the spectrum. Check out 101 tips for teachers of a child with autism. Also they have suggested toys selected especially for a child on the sp - teaching information and lesson plans for children with asd -practical information and resources on how to include children with exceptionalities in your church. - resources for teachers of children with autism. - Work tasks for purchase (very reasonable) that can be instantly downloaded and used in your classroom or at home.

Please let us know if any of the above links are no longer working!